THE FELONIES @ Gigonometry THE FELONIES @ Gigonometry
A lot of bands are on the U&I Radar at present and THE FELONIES are one. Seeing them headlining this evening was no surprise... THE FELONIES @ Gigonometry

A lot of bands are on the U&I Radar at present and THE FELONIES are one. Seeing them headlining this evening was no surprise as they have been building up a steady reputation as a must see band over the past few months. They were deserving of being our closing act tonight and “Drinking Was So Much Fun As A Teenager” grabs you in the way a good tune should. It has a resounding determination that holds its own. This cuts across in the sound and is followed through with the vocals. The raw figuration on show here is cleverly put forward. Deserving of a star all of its own is “Hollywood”. From the darling whim of the rhythm to the way it cuts to the chase on the catchy chorus there is a subtlety about it all. It moves hard with a saunter and takes you along for the ride. The frenetic way “The Machine” bursts into life now showcased a band well up for it here tonight. There is a hunger about them in the live sense, yet the detail of the track comfortable flirts between full on and casually laid back.

Continuing on the rich vein of form comes “Hide Nor Hair” and it charges along. Like an animal cut loose upon the stage it was powered on by a noted sense of focus. This was competently nurtured and the steadfast composure of the band collectively sells you here. And they contrast this neatly with “Perfect Lie”. It is a more seasoned showing here. The slowing of the pace gives the instrumental work a taut feel and this weathers neatly alongside the overall aesthetic of the calling.

One thing they embrace considerably well is their punk calling- while they are not necessarily a punk band – and on “Berlin Blues” all the dots join up. The leftfield characteristic in the sound is styled considerably to give it underground apparel. What works for it is the depth embedded in the running. How it flows allows them to cut straight to the chase and has a lot to say about the band as a live commodity.  Again there is a brash overture at work on “Drunk”. This fills the air with a confident swagger. Here the band is more together. The helter-skelter richness to the pace is collected squarely and they handle it with an affirmed sense of deliberation all the way through.

While “Tied Laces” may be an unrehearsed number but you are hooked by the bass. Combined with the joie de vivre of the lyrics captures a strong ideal in the sound. What also passes through is a retained high fidelity touch that is carried through with the rich vein of form when it all takes flight. The entirety of “Friday Night Killers” denotes a punk tune. It is thorough and cut from something that gives it the makings of a good track from the off. It is careful in the realisation it must be said. What underlines this is the despondent flair which is cornered exquisitely in the selective touches.  With the intro nicely played in we came to their last track “Take Control” they go out all guns blazing. Credit where credit is due they get behind this and fire on all cylinders. But it connects with the audience as it stirs the room.  They can cut it live as evidenced here this evening but the tunes are also there.

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