THE FELONIES @ Gigonometry
A lot of bands are on the U&I Radar at present and THE FELONIES are one. Seeing them headlining this evening was no surprise as they have been building up a steady reputation as a must see band over the past few months. They were deserving of being our... Read more
BOOM CHILD @ Gigonometry
Tonight is always going to be memorable for these guys.  The showmanship and repoire with the audience was one of the highlights of the evening and it all started with “Ba Baa”. As opening numbers go it is a sturdy showing with a granted deliberation that mixes up the... Read more
Always an eventful Thursday night of good music can be found under the umbrella of Gigonometry and this act were one who really caught us in the right way from the word go. The saturated flourishes in the sound come to the fore with first song “Naïve Green”. It... Read more
Back when this band started in 2010 we caught them live. Even though they were only starting off there was nothing rough around the edges. Tonight that were rightly headlining everything at Gigonometry’s first birthday party and they got it all underway with ‘Against The Ropes’. This is an... Read more
Introduced by Dave as ‘Dublin’s premier shoegazer band’ they didn’t let that assessment weigh them down with any expectations. This showed immediately in the unconventional way ‘Blue Rose’ exemplifies everything that is great about this band from the tone alone. The reverb of the sound is another aspect that... Read more
Due to some traffic delays we missed the start of this band’s set but we did catch them midway through a cover of ‘Underdog’ by You Me At Six which was very much on the money. This immediately caught our attention and we also picked up on the noted... Read more
The second band that took to the stage here tonight at The Workman’s Club are a relatively new band. By their own confession they are still finding their feet and trying to see what defines them in terms of their sound. However, that did show in places in their... Read more
There is something about Dublin city on a Thursday night that sees the music scene come alive. It is almost as if the city itself becomes a creature of the night and the music is the Danse Macabre soundtrack that it rightly deserves. That supernatural quality was in the... Read more
It was our first time seeing this band and they are different alternative to what we would normally see on the Dublin circuit for their novel approach to the music. It shows in the opening of ‘Reckless’. As an opening song it has this fine salvo to it that... Read more