U&I Radio – August 31st
  We are now streaming the daily U&I Radio playlist on our website. The selected tracks are: MAN MADE – ‘TV Broke My Brain’ BAD//DREEMS – ‘Dumb Ideas’ SUN CLUB – ‘Beauty Meat’ MOON TAXI – ‘Cabaret’ BOXED WINE – ‘Innocent’ VELOCIRAPTOR... Read more
We have been checking out this Glasgow band for a while now and their new video is another highly interesting offering. Being shot in black and white adds a telling lustre. How the noir touches are felt out is also tastefully considered, with the femme fatale aspects meeting well... Read more
This is the daily U&I Radio playlist. Today’s selected tracks are: SUMMER FICTION – ‘Perfume Paper’ THE HOLLYHOCKS – ‘Drowning Boulevard’ ELECTRIC PALMS – ‘Never Coming Back’ LE PRINTEMPS – ‘It’s Been Too Long Babe’ APACHE SUN – ‘Backseat Driver’ THE REIGNING MONARCHS – ‘Black Sweater Massacre’... Read more