SARAH BUCKLEY @ Gigonometry SARAH BUCKLEY @ Gigonometry
Being exposed to great artists like Sarah Buckley for the first time is one of the great privileges our association with Gigonometry brings. Originally... SARAH BUCKLEY @ Gigonometry

Being exposed to great artists like Sarah Buckley for the first time is one of the great privileges our association with Gigonometry brings. Originally from Cork, she is currently building a well-earned reputation on the Dublin music scene.

After the softly strummed opening, “Cauldron Walls” follows a carefully balanced progression. The lyrics waltz through on the sentiment to give the track an allure. This is mirrored by the substantial way everything pieces together. She continues this fine showing with “Black Glove”. The clear and sullen tone is not overwhelming. Nor does she become lost in the expressed emotion. Instead her voice corners the darker touches to give it a lush sound, which is then keenly felt as the pace picks up.

The delightful whim felt as the rhythm follows through on “Magic Powers” shows a carefree sentiment that details her balladeer qualities as a songwriter. The overall flow is imbued with a darling sensibility that gives the arrangement a further sense of appreciation. You feel a hint of a comparison with The Cranberries on “Dream Catching” which is championed by the opening line. The opulent touches embrace the fringes of a dark calling. This flirtation allows a heartfelt number to push on through. “Little Freak” is an interesting tune heightened by a deadened quickening which is cleverly kept in check. The pace is sturdy and it splendidly becomes a demure effort when it gets behind the running. Without falling short.

You are charmed further by “You’ve Got Me”. It starts off with an intelligent showing that leads it steadily where it needs to go. It is inspired by a wholesome quality that travels well as it takes flight. The chorus is incredibly catchy, but what is evident throughout here is the way the dynamics are effectively worked from start to finish. Something macabre sneaks its way through with the murder ballad sensibilities of “Circus Of Screams”. This is evenly checked and backed by the beatnik hop calling it also finds. It is a brilliantly handled tune and finds itself in the hands of an artist capable of giving it everything it needs.  She did save her best for last with “Wedding Bells”. It is told from the reflections of Grace Gifford in 1916. On so many levels this is a considerate effort and clearly puts the romance at the fore. This is an effort full of distinction at every turn and it seamlessly comes together as she calls the shots here.

Up next from Sarah is an EP which is scheduled for release this summer.

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