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Here was another band who grabbed our attention tonight for all the right reasons. Straight away they got down to business with “Hold On”.... KIOSOMA @ Gigonometry

Here was another band who grabbed our attention tonight for all the right reasons. Straight away they got down to business with “Hold On”. While behind the pleasing disco chic lies a laissez faire element of cool that is fired up by how well they lean on a modern transition in the sound. Buoyed on by this came another funky and stylish effort with “Into The Forest”. It is a figurative cornering it must be said and it retained a smart style that traded firmly on the fluid style of the rhythm. Underlining their depth of range, “I Am Not Your Doll” brought a broader heft to the mix. But it was also met with a well matched sense of poise in the vocal delivery. Collectively more is brought to the delivery from the band as a whole, while the lay calypso vibe captured in the sound is also very much on the money.

Things took a darker turn with “I Don’t Want You Around”. The morose touch does draw a Portishead comparison because it drops in the sullen elements neatly.Yet when the direction shifts it is noted because they revert back to their retro leanings, and it is a celebrated showing when it does come across. They retain a confident opening on “Can’t Stop”. There is a degree of detail in the hook, but it doesn’t retain the same level of consistency when the track plays out. Alongside the overall running you can’t help but feel it is repetitive because they have got a lot more when this is compared to their other tracks. Slowing things down on “Lover” is a smart move that feels inspired as the graceful remedy of the lyrics marries exceptionally well with the lyrics.

Backed by an expansive flourish of the orchestration in the keyboard, “In the Middle” sees the band find another enticing pop tune. Again it reverts to a retro calling but proves itself to be a tune capable of necessitation what it needs in the music. The foundation it is built upon when it takes flight proves this and it is every bit enticing as it is exciting live. A stern build from the piano then set up “Risk It All”. A solemn temperament is felt in the process- be it with the harmony or sullen fervour – but it has a deeper flow that is easily picked up on. Their closing number “Electric Love” has a tempo to it that would leave the postman whistling it if he heard it. The hook of the bass is definitive, but it meets a nouveau flair that incorporates a higher synth focus. This snaps into being by design because of the commanding presence they bring behind the delivery.

Up next from the band is a gig supporting Keywest on March 19th and Hudson Taylor on April 5th.

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