This is the daily U&I Radio Playlist. Today’s selections are: CONTROLLER – ‘Tokyo’ THE LARKINS – ‘Good Old Fashioned Love’ HALF WAY HOME – ‘Never Gonna Be The Same’ THE QUINCEY – ‘Rainbows’ THE CRADLES – ‘Do You Wonder Why?’ SKY BETWEEN... Read more
This is the daily U&I Radio Playlist. Today’s selections are: MIRROR MIRROR –‘Edge Of Heaven’ THE WITCHING HOURS – ‘Into The Tide’ ORANGE VISION – ‘How You Feel’ SAVAGE SISTER – ‘Huge Moves’ SAUNA HEAT – ‘The Creep’ REPORTERS – ‘Hold The... Read more
This is a dedicated playlist comprising recommednations solely from our Adelaide music network. The selections are: THE VILLENETTES – ‘Devil’s Inside’ GLASS SKIES – ‘To Be True’ THE BYZANTINES – ‘Black Teardrop Woman’ ELECTRIC EXILES – ‘Dotted Line’ MESSRS –‘Chemical’ POISON CITY... Read more
We have decided to make a second dedicated playlist today. This time we looked at our London network and the tracks we selected are: KID WAVE – ‘Gloom’ COURTLY LOVE – ‘Mirage’ WHITE FEVER – ‘Shadows’ ALBERT-ALBERT – ‘Get Outta Jail’ CHAMPS.... Read more
We have created a playlist dedicated to our Swedish music network. The tracks selected are: MARIGOLD – ‘Can’t Touch Me’ BANANA BEACH – ‘Antibodies’ THE WATCHES – ‘Heart’ DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON – ‘Let’s Talk’ CMBSTN – ‘My Friend’ MOODBLANC – ‘Funky... Read more
Today’s selections for the U&I Radio playlist are: KASSASSIN STREET– ‘Centre Straight Atom’ JENNIE VEE – ‘Die Alone’ THE WYTCHES – ‘Burn Out The Bruise’ THE JONES RIVAL – ‘Uncle Frank’ THE BLACK BIRDS – ‘6 Shots’ DARKBELLS – ‘In Head’ BOYS... Read more
We have made a second playlist for artists we recommended today. The selections for the second playlist are: THE REBEL LIGHT – ‘Strangers’ BREAKDOWN VALENTINE – ‘Breaking Visions’ MARINE LIFE – ‘Fool Of A Kind’ SPACE DAZE – ‘It’s Getting Lighter Earlier’... Read more
Today’s  selections for our playlist are: ALVEN – ‘Pusselbit’ SHAKES – ‘Life Is A Fiction’ BACHELORS OF FINE ART – ‘Skytanic’ NELSON-TYPE – ‘Daydreams’ SIGH KICKS –‘Underneath The Tree’ HOUDINI – ‘Friendly Fire’ BLACK LESBIANS – ‘Bipolar’ NATALIE WEST – ‘Animal’ BLACK... Read more
Today’s  selections for our playlist are: GLASS SCREENS – ‘Screens’ VEGAS RADIO – ‘Courtyard’ YES SUNSHINE –‘Ride’ MY INVISIBLE FRIEND – ‘Dear Mary’ AVERAGE ART CLUB – ‘Til Tomorrow’ GOLD JACKS – ‘One Kinda Woman’ BILL MOUNTAIN – ‘Let’s Get It Started’... Read more