SONAR – August 2015 (Berlin network)
This month’s SONAR sees us focus on our Berlin music network. This month’s selections are: THE DELTAHORSE – ‘Easy Life’ JYLDA – ‘Brainchild’ HOT SUSHI CLUB –‘Colours’ KYTES – ‘Inner Cinema’ MARFA – ‘Leather Pants’ SPIEDKIKS – ‘Disco Bunny’ SUMERA – ‘Wolf’ SUN... Read more
SONAR – July 2015

SONAR – July 2015

SONAR July 31, 2015 0 For the SONAR feature in the July issue of Unsigned And Independent we are putting the focus on The French Connection and have a playlist comprising some of the finest emerging artists on the unsigned and independent French music scene. The selections for this month’s playlist... Read more
SONAR – June 2015 (Swedish Network)
This month’s SONAR feature in Unsigned And Independent sees us focus on recommendations from our Swedish music network. We have compiled a playlist of 10 artists recommended that showcases how diverse our co-op network is in relation to some of the artists who are constantly working alongside our Scandinavian... Read more
This month’s SONAR places a focus on acts recommended from our music network in Sydney. This month’s selections are: NOVA AND THE EXPERIENCE – ‘We Are The Children’ THE DANDELION – ‘In The Shadow Of Light’ THE GRISWOLDS – ‘If You Wanna... Read more
This month’s SONAR sees us focus our attention on our London music network. The following playlist is comprised of tracks from the ten artists that we have featured in the April edition of Unsigned And Independent. 1. THE POPGUNS – ‘Bye Bye... Read more
This is the U&I Radio daily playlist. Today’s selections are: 1. SCARLET – ‘Heart On A Line’ 2. THE SOUL RAYS – ‘Mr Big Man’ 3. BRASSHAUS – ‘Morning Like This’ 4. BLANCATRANSFER – ‘Good Old Love Song’ 5. THE RAGAMUFFINS –... Read more
This is the daily U&I Radio Playlist. Today’s selections are: 1. PALE WAVES – ‘The Tide’ 2. DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON – ‘Fandango’ 3. SEA CHANGE –‘We Run’ 4. LA FLORIDE – ‘To Irakere’ 5. VEYNS – ‘Shy/Waste/ 6. CALL ME –... Read more
In our March 2015 issue SONAR will focus on 10 artists recommended to us from our New York co-op. The 10 recommendations are: 1. BABY ALPACA – ‘Roller Coaster’ 2. YOUNG UNKOWNS – ‘I Want To Lose’ 3. CARDIKNOX – ‘Technicolour Dreaming’... Read more


SONAR February 26, 2015 0 A real gem of a band now who hail from Cork. Quickened by the relevant shoot the breeze feel of their music allows the pop sensibilities to be pioneered in a forthright way. It sits upright on ‘Juniper’ and has a sterling invigorated pomp that keeps the tempo... Read more

SONAR – San Francisco

SONAR February 8, 2015 0

This month sees a new feature in our magazine called SONAR which will focus on artists from one of our specific co-ops. This month we selected San Francisco and we have created a playlist which is now streaming on our Soundcloud channel.... Read more