THE FELONIES @ Gigonometry
A lot of bands are on the U&I Radar at present and THE FELONIES are one. Seeing them headlining this evening was no surprise as they have been building up a steady reputation as a must see band over the past few months. They were deserving of being our... Read more
BOOM CHILD @ Gigonometry
Tonight is always going to be memorable for these guys.  The showmanship and repoire with the audience was one of the highlights of the evening and it all started with “Ba Baa”. As opening numbers go it is a sturdy showing with a granted deliberation that mixes up the... Read more
Always an eventful Thursday night of good music can be found under the umbrella of Gigonometry and this act were one who really caught us in the right way from the word go. The saturated flourishes in the sound come to the fore with first song “Naïve Green”. It... Read more
As everyone knows we have a very strong working relationship with Gigonometry and it is one of the club nights we proudly sponsor. One of the main people behind that flagship is Mr. Dave Conway and his band was the second act playing tonight we saw. The strong Leonard... Read more
We had not come across this artist before tonight but his name was one we were familiar with and an upcoming single launch on February 15th looms on the horizon at The Workman’s Club. His style is something that borrows a little from Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard in... Read more
With this Dundalk band the old adage of saving the best ‘til last was certainly appropriate. Throughout their set they showed a positive sense of alternative and leftfield workings that allowed the music do the talking for them. The way their opening track ‘Tainted’ lingers on the melancholic captures... Read more
We have had this band on the U&I Radar since last year and due to illness their set was cut to a m ere four songs. How and ever it was a case of quantity over quality we are happy to say. The tinge of a Dusty Springfield meets... Read more
Our first band of the year was Young Earth and they are a Dublin band who draws on a number of musical influences from the past 50 years or so. They were also playing this evening as the first of two gigs they had tonight with the other being... Read more
Whereas 2016 might have been considered the year the music died here at Gigonometry we were determined to set out 2017 as the year that it is kept very much alive. Four acts took to the stage this evening and the first of which was this young solo artist... Read more
Closing out tonight and a fine 2016 of live music for Gigonometry was Popgun Warfare. With much to like about them as a seven piece they made that all count on ‘Cyclone’. It is heavy on the reggae style and the... Read more