There is a sense of something being amiss with the first track here. The tempo of first track ‘Obstacles’ adheres to a capable pace yet it never breaks away from that stationary calling. There is however a hint of notoriety in the way the layering works here. The chaste... Read more
If you ever wondered what the Doctor Who theme tune would sound like if it was crossed with The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s ‘Spread Your Love Like A Fever’ and played in the genre of Americana then what you will get is the opening track ‘I Wanna Motorcycle, To... Read more
THE GALACTICS – ‘The Galactics’
With ‘Stop Me’ there is a noted anthemic quality to it that really sits well. This is concentrated in a simplified way but is highly effective. Hiding behind the mechanics here is a progressive showing that the mechanics adhere to it in a fashionable way. There is a noted... Read more