The twisting way that the calypso trappings of the sound make their way across on opening track ‘Poa Kichizi Kama Ndizi’ carefully construct the rhythm. What they add to the delivery is considerable and the composure is what gives the track a steady sense of identity. It is anthemic... Read more
Things get off quite neatly with ‘Try To Be Better’. It has this indie pop sensibility to it that is easy to get behind. There is a controlled texture in the tempo which is easily accentuated. The pick up keeps to a... Read more
Leaving aside the take it or leave opening of the young girl voice over things come to pass with a very candid showing on ‘Raccoon’. There is a favourable whim to how it all plays out. The softened characteristics on show are... Read more
The first track ‘Hunter’ is an effort that plays well but it also has a by the numbers feel. As such there are aspects to it that are unnecessarily included. As a result everything doesn’t gel as well as it... Read more
Inspiring and relevant are two appropriate superlatives that fit the opening track ‘Matches’. The pockets of charm in the tune are carefully woven into the fabric of the song and accentuate everything superbly. The sleight of hand that is worked into the... Read more
As the opening guitar work resonates across on ‘I’m In Love’ there is an undeniable air of confidence about the tune that is sweetly tracked. How that is relayed int he delivery retains a certified level of appreciation that is... Read more
This is a very good EP and the opening track ‘Paper Moon’ is a commendable offering indeed. What grabs you first is the piano arrangement. That is a calling that is fixed to the running here in a tantamount way. There is... Read more
You can’t help but fall in love with the first song on the EP ‘Coming Home In The Spring’. There is a telling sense of resolve in the passive calling. That is played in nicely off the back of the vocals but... Read more
‘Up & Down’ opens proceedings and it is a very exquisite blend of indie pop and nou-disco. The way it comes full circles pushes a refined degree of weight through in the delivery which adds the necessary kick it needs. The... Read more
This delightful Norwegian to get things underway in a sophisticated way with the opening track ‘Bite Your Tongue’. There is a neat keepsake virtue to every aspect that is on show which gives it a darling feel. That is cleverly processed in... Read more