The May 2013 issue contains interviews with Dirty Epics, Future Phantoms, Greg Clifford and Raffiki. Album reviews including The Crayon Set, Verona Riots and The Plastics, as well as live reviews and more. Read more
The April 2013 Issue contains an interview with Cat Dowling. Live reviews of The Ruby Sessions, Hard Rock Global Rising 2013, Saucy Sunday, Dimestore Recordings and more. There are also album reviews, EP reviews, Single reviews and the April 4×4. Read more
The March 2013 issue of U&I contains interviews with Toy Soldier and an exclusive with Mark Doyle about The Ceol Train. There are live reviews of Hassle Merchants, The Cujo Family, The Juice, The Ruby Sessions, Dimestore Recordings, Saucy Sundays and many others. Album reviews from Amelia Curran, Galia... Read more
The February 2013 issue of U&I contains interviews with The Young Folk, Colm Lynch and Stop All The Clocks. There are live reviews of Gavin James, Toy Soldier, The Ruby Sessions, The Sunday Roast, The King Kong Club, Dimestore Recordings and many others. Album reviews from The Koniac Net,... Read more
This is the January 2013 issue of U&I and our featured artist on the cover this month is Sal Vitro. Read more
“The 10 Bands of Christmas” is a special edition feature of U&I Music Magazine. The brochure itself features live reviews of 10 performances selected by U&I Music Agency from the 2012 Dame District Christmas Market. Read more
Welcome to the very first issue of U&I. We feature an interview with Irish artist Peter Doran. As well as that we have live reviews from The Ruby Sessions and The Sunday Roast. That is also in addition to tons of album and EP reviews from our international co-op... Read more