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It pays to advertise with U&I because our audience is your audience.

Since launching in December 2012, Unsigned & Independent has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the fastest growing online music magazines in the world. Our exclusive access to a music network of 95 co-ops in 49 countries allows us to simultaneously tap into an international resource as well as finding a niche market.

The core ethos of what we are about allows us to build a working relationship with the best up-and-coming artists globally before they become mainstream, thereby giving us an image of ‘cool’ as well as delivering the best in cutting edge music. We are currently looking to explore the franchise potential of the U&I brand name and have several pipeline projects in development to assist us in doing so. U&I Radio will be the first of which to go live in 2015.

A Google search of the generic term ‘unsigned and independent’ brings our website up as number 1. That is a natural SEO position that was achieved in under 18 months from launch.

Daily traffic to our website is 2000+ unique users daily, which combined with our magazine readership gives us c.220,000 monthly users;  that equated to over 2.5 million unique users in 2014 and the initial projections for 2015 appear to be on course to surpass this figure.

  • Monthly readership of 160,000 readers which is continuing to grow steadily with each issue.
  • The Mobile to Desktop ratio is 75:25
  • 93% of our readership is within the 17-35 demographic
  • The average reading time per issue is 4:43

(This has increased from 2:43 for the same period in 2013, and 3:19 in 2014)

  • The Domestic/International readership ratio is 58:42

(with US, UK and Australian readers accounting for our primary international readership)

  • We have a Klout score residing consistently between 63-64

Advertising Rates:

  • Half-Page advert = €50 +VAT
  • FULL PAGE – €100 excl. VAT
  • DOUBLE PAGE – €150 excl. VAT
  • TWO PAGES* – €150 excl. VAT

*refers to the same advert running for two consecutive months

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