We are now streaming the U&I Radio playlist. Today’s selections are: DISASTER ARTIST – ‘Sushi’ CROCODILES – ‘Crybaby Demon’ OH MY! – ‘Just Go’ EVERYONE IS DIRTY – ‘Mama, No!!!’ HONEYSLIDE – ‘Only When’ THE VASELINES – ‘One Lost Year’ PUBLIC ACCESS... Read more
Inside this month’s issue we have interviews with Radio Room, Little Xs For Eyes, Barry Sutton, Jointpop, And The Golden Choir, Orphan Boy and The Mighty Stef. That is in addition to live reviews in our Scene & Heard section, SONAR and the best album, EP and single reviews... Read more
This is the daily U&I Radio playlist. Today’s selections are: STONE COLD FOX – ‘Darling Drling’ OH MY! – ‘People’ MATINÉE – ‘These Days’ THE SHALLOWS – ‘Thieves’ WITCHING WAVES – ‘Concrete’ BARRINGTONE – ‘Fever Head’ YOUNG ROMANCE – ‘Never Learn’ FOREIGN/NATIONAL... Read more
SONAR – June 2015 (Swedish Network)
This month’s SONAR feature in Unsigned And Independent sees us focus on recommendations from our Swedish music network. We have compiled a playlist of 10 artists recommended that showcases how diverse our co-op network is in relation to some of the artists who are constantly working alongside our Scandinavian... Read more
This Melbourne duo are certainly one to watch. This is something that has progressed their initial sound but still retained the contemporary sensibility that has put them on the radar of everyone. The catchy hook, be it in the vocals or the orchestration of the violin segment, adds a... Read more
This is an impressively minimalist tune that packs a solid degree of impact. The thoughtful outlay of the lyrics also imbue it with a large sense of credibility. It is that immersion in the performance, combined with the ukelele play here, that bring it all across in the eventful... Read more
We are now streaming the U&I Radio playlist. Today’s selections are: THE OWLS – ‘Ocean’ NIGHT FLOWERS – ‘Summer Rain’ VIOLET SWELLS – ‘Jupiter’s Garden’ THE SMITTENS – ‘Love Record Breaker’ THE FOREST & THE TREES – ‘I’m Only Dancing’ STARS IN... Read more
We are now streaming the U&I Radio playlist. Today’s selections are: THE TWANG – ‘We’re A Crowd’ JOELPETER – ‘Chase You Down’ YOUTH CLUB – ‘Breathe’ FIELD DIVISION – ‘Of Lives We’ve Never Known’ HANNAH – ‘You’ll Never Know’ VERONICA FALLS –... Read more
Initially the video opens with a disjointed calling from the TV aimlessly flicking through channels strewn in a hallway. That denotes a rock’n’roll temerity and the breakdown of the song fixes upon this. It is a steady track with the doctrine of their style giving things a somewhat stationary... Read more
This is a very impressive video. With the requisite tracking there is an additional level of appreciation on show that is secured furthermore by the black and white consideration. There is a steady hand on all of the apsects that are present. The way that the tempo moves through... Read more