The first track ‘Hunter’ is an effort that plays well but it also has a by the numbers feel. As such there are aspects to it that are unnecessarily included. As a result everything doesn’t gel as well as it... Read more
This an engaging video for a number of reasons and each one offers validity in their own way. the vocals are rich and deep here. They have a refined sensibility to them that are almost remedial. The Nick Cave feel here doesn’t go unnoticed either. As such the darker... Read more
This is the daily U&I Radio playlist. Today’s selections are: WJLP – ‘Listen Girl’ GOLDEN COAST – ‘Take You Away’ SCHOOL ’94 –‘So Long’ THEO VERNEY – ‘Mountain Rose’ HOLY THURSDAY – ‘She’ ORPHAN ORPHAN –‘Orphan’ HAPPYNESS –‘A Whole New Shape’ TRUST... Read more
Our intrepid Deputy Editor spent six months living in Berlin in 2014 and this live video was recorded with the one and only Elder Roche in the process towards the end of his stay in Tik Nord. What is captured in the video is rather intimate and holds extensively... Read more Sometimes it is good to just let the music do the talking and that is kind of what you get with this video. The lean blues and rock calling of the song is appreciated here. But there is a distinctly indie apparel about this which works extremely well.... Read more
Inspiring and relevant are two appropriate superlatives that fit the opening track ‘Matches’. The pockets of charm in the tune are carefully woven into the fabric of the song and accentuate everything superbly. The sleight of hand that is worked into the... Read more
As the opening guitar work resonates across on ‘I’m In Love’ there is an undeniable air of confidence about the tune that is sweetly tracked. How that is relayed int he delivery retains a certified level of appreciation that is... Read more
This is the third daily U&I Radio playlist. Today’s selections are: BEE CAVES – ‘Running Home To You’ PAON – ‘Keep On Burning’ KIN CAYO – ‘Shot The Sun Down’ NICK DIAMONDS – ‘Witch Window’ CALM CANDY – ‘Tunnels’ DECORATIONS – ‘Girls’... Read more
What works for this video does so in an extremely well way. Drawing upon something that is able to capably process the fine worth of the underlying rawness int he way it sounds suits the darker calling here. The trapeze artist adds a neat visual with the choreography of... Read more
A lot of the time when we see a band take some stock footage and call it their new video they have taken the lazy route. Thankfully that is not the case with this London band’s latest offering. They clearly show that they have invested in this video with... Read more