This is the U&I Radio daily playlist. Today’s selections are: KARATE DANCER – ‘Hellaven’ DOUBLE KING – ‘Bare Essentials’ THE WET SECRETS – ‘Sunshine’ THE OUTDOOR TYPE – ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ WUNDER WUNDER – ‘Coastline’ AINE CAHILL – ‘Nuclear’ FELT... Read more
This is the second U&I Radio daily playlist. Today’s selections are: CHORUSGIRL – ‘Oh, To Be A Defector’ BLACK HONEY – ‘Madonna’ BLONDE ON BLONDE –‘Weekend Behaviour’ STREET JOY – ‘Laurel Hill’ MODEL AEROPLANES – ‘Deep In The Pool’ THE ALBION –... Read more
From what we seen of this band tonight, and our first time to see them play live also, is that they have to be a band that are going places. With the smart determination of their opening track ‘Disko Bay’ they had the audience, and this reviewer, in the... Read more
We first came across this artist when he released his video ‘Austria’ quite recently. Further enquires have seen us learn that he is a very busy individual and someone who is very much in demand among his peers. Tonight he was here supporting Little Xs For Eyes and from... Read more
This is the daily U&I Radio playlist. Today’s selected tracks are: APPLETOP – ‘Headstrong’ THE REBEL LIGHT – ‘Strangers’ WE USED TO MAKE THINGS – ‘Love In A Minor Key’ WE CUT CORNERS –‘The Leopard’ CAVALRY –‘An Understanding’ LITTLE JOURNEY – ‘High... Read more
What director Anton Koch has achieved here deserves to be praised. From watching this video all the way through you are left in admiration for his art and feel privileged all the more for having seen it play through. In the black and white aesthetic there is an effective... Read more
This is a very interesting video that combines a detailed degree of style with substance in a way that you don;t see too often. There is a chic calling to the way it sounds but it is also shot in a way that lays all the cards on the... Read more
Straight down to business would be a fine assessment of this tune. The way it is shot has a retro apparel but it also retains a noted sense of New Wave in the identity. There is no mistaking the influence of contemporaries such as Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire et... Read more
Initially you don’t know what to make of this video. The vintage feel of the way it is shot allows the psychedelic side come through comparatively in the visual aesthetic. That holds in a way that retains a harder processing. As such the alternative/progressive elements shine in a noted... Read more
This is the second U&I Radio daily playlist. Today’s selections are: BOULEVARDS – ‘Gimme All Of You’ OF VERONA – ‘Oblivion’ FLOWER DRUMS – ‘Walking At Night’ MITTENFIELDS – ‘Optimists’ INDIA MILL – ‘My Fury’ WILD NOTHING –‘Paradise’ DARK DAYS IN THE... Read more