This is the second daily U&I Radio Playlist. Today’s selections are: 1. ORPHAN BOY – ‘Some Frontier’ 2. THE GRAND RAPIDS – ‘Great Shakes’ 3. HOT SUSHI CLUB – ‘Rendezvous’ 4. MOOSE PATROL – ‘Banshee’ 5. SEADANCE – ‘Your Place’ 6. THE... Read more
Tonight was all about The Rattling Kind and not just their single launch for ‘The Ballad Of Lugs Branigan’. As sson as the tidy affirmations of ‘Rise Up’ began to play through the night was set underway. This is a tune with a selctive reach that is processed in... Read more
Seeing New Valley Wolves play live is to watch a duo that are very much on top of their game. Given that acts such as Royal Blood are in vogue at the moment it would seem that their upcoming album release has been timed quite well. From the largely... Read more
Sporting an image that takes a leaf from the Tom Petty book was Elevation Falls, but they were about the music tonight and nothing else. Bring the best out of the grounded calling of their first track was ‘Lately’. In terms of texture it is a heavy affair but... Read more
With an upcoming gig for Searchlight in The Button Factory on March 25th on the horizon this was a good gig to set the band on their way for that in terms of preparation. We have seen them play on occasion before and been suitably impressed by what we... Read more
Just like Aine Cahill it was our first time to see this Mullingar artist, and we are rather familiar with how healthy the music scene is in the midlands with our travels taking us out that way to do some live reviews in the past. We are also familiar... Read more
Our travels this evening took us to The Twisted Pepper for a night of live music from five artists on the Irish music scene. Getting tonight’s proceedings underway was promising Cavan artist Aine Cahill. She is an artist that we are very familiar with here at U&I and her... Read more
This is the second daily U&I Radio Playlist. Today’s selections are: 1. THE NEW INVESTORS – ‘I’ve Been Seduced’ 2. CEREMONIES – ‘It Was Always Ours’ 3. POCKET FOX – ‘Swedish Song’ 4. COLD WEATHER COMPANY – ‘Steer’ 5. THE ALEXINES –... Read more
This is the daily U&I Radio Playlist. Today’s selections are: 1. NINA – ‘We Are The Wild Ones’ 2. LUNATIC BUMS – ‘Dancing With Myself’ 3. LUPA J –‘Eyes Unclouded’ 4. JIM MANSER – ‘Stardust Memorys’ 5. CASPER BLANCA – ‘Camp Neverland’... Read more
This was voted our number one single of 2014 and the video is a true masterpiece in its own right. The artistic merit of the direction is found in the humanist approach that captures both the core essence of the song alongside the integrity of what is shown on... Read more