Unsigned And Independent (U&I)

UNSIGNED AND INDEPENDENT (U&I) was founded on a core ethos of supporting artists at a grassroots level. This is also reflected through the in-house products and services we develop. Exclusively sourcing music through our co-op network allows us to promote a diversity of artists at an unsigned and independent level. This has always been our philosophy.

In 2009 our co-op network more than doubled in size and we began exploring the potential and possibility of establishing our own multi-media company. Our intention was to create our own in-house products and services to further promote our core ethos. These ideas reflect our commitment to artists at an unsigned and independent level. They are also a testament to how extensive our co-op network is.

In October 2012 we launched U&I to operate solely under the umbrella of Twenty1Zero Media to deal exclusively with our unsigned and independent music projects. Shortly after we launched U&I Music Magazine. That was then followed by a slight re-branding in January 2014 to become Unsigned And Independent. Since then things have gone from strength-to-strength. The magazine now enjoys a steady readership of 170,000 per issue.We are now using this as a platform to launch other ideas under the U&I umbrella to build the profile of our brand name.

When we launched U&I in 2012 it was always our intention to have a radio aspect. The first idea we are looking to launch is U&I Radio.  We began to build this in 2014 and  received our BATP accreditation in June 2015.

While CLUB SAMUR&I will link our Irish and UK music networks in a similar fashion to how our United States model works logistically. These are merely two new ventures that we have in the pipeline.

Others will follow in due course.
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